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The Right Strategy at the Right Time

James Nored (center) with his wife and three daughters in Nairobi, Kenya
James Nored (center) with his wife and three daughters in Nairobi, Kenya

James Nored, who leads Next Generation for Christ (NGC), has dedicated his life to sharing the story of Jesus with people. He has worked with several congregations as a lead minister to help equip disciples to make disciples. In the past few years, he has utilized his education and first-hand experience to help launch a film series called, The Story of Redemption. In a time when many of us are unprepared to meet the demands and new realities of the Covid-19 world, God prepared James and the NGC ministry to share Jesus’ message of hope and belonging during this time of fear, worry and isolation.

These professionally produced short films (typically less than 15 minutes) are filmed in locations where Jesus would have traveled, where Christians first lived, or places where God’s grandeur is on display. While the production value of the videos is impressive, what is most significant is the way that James shares the truth about Jesus. The videos and related materials are accessible from home and are relevant across generations and cultures. His approach invites all people to connect with Jesus.

Now offered in over 40 languages, the SOR films are being used by disciples around the globe to help make other disciples. It is remarkable to see how God is working through these films and through the work of NGC. In a world that is now lived online and through internet conversations, NGC is strategically positioned to support people in their search for Jesus in our “new normal.”

This past weekend I joined James and 30 other disciples who listened to two Christian leaders tell how they had used the SOR film series in their work in Nairobi, Kenya. They shared that in the next seven days, 12 people would be baptized into Christ and that 119 more people signed up to study about Jesus through SOR films and follow-up. Those listening on the Zoom call (mostly from the U.S.) were excited to volunteer to help work through the SOR film studies with seekers, even though they are separated by thousands of miles.

James, and the NGC team, have developed strategies to maximize the benefits of SOR films in the process of disciple-making. NCG is not only being used in Kenya but also Ecuador, Russia, Croatia, India, Singapore, Israel, and other countries as well.

If you want to become a disciple who makes disciples, I encourage you to check out both the Next Generation for Christ and The Story of Redemption websites. You will be blessed personally by watching these instructive and inspiring stories of Jesus’ love. Also, you will get practical guidance on how to sharpen your skills to help lead other people to Jesus.

Pray that God will continue use the SOR films to help Christians share Jesus with people who don’t yet know Him. Pray specifically for Christians in Rome, Italy and Albania who are right now beginning to use the SOR films and NGC training to reach their countries for Jesus. And finally, pray for James, his family, and the NGC leaders who serve around the world to continue to dynamically share Jesus and teach others how to do the same.



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