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Mission Works

We connect great-hearted people like you with the people and places where God’s powerful work is evident.

If you want to give, but you’re not sure where to start, we promise:

100% of your donation will directly support mission works

✔ You will be a partner and a member of a community of missions

✔ You will receive ongoing communication about the mission works

✔ The FLOW will be engaged with each mission work through monthly video calls and annual site visits

✔ The FLOW will pray for you and support your desire to share your faith

✔ The FLOW will provide resources to strengthen your discipleship

✔ The FLOW will be available to answer any questions you may have

✔ Your ideas will be welcomed!

God is moving in unprecedented and powerful ways throughout the world!

We are grateful to be engaged with mission works locally and globally that are making

disciples, and to partner with individuals who live on the front lines of faith. They

allow the living water of Jesus to flow freely through them, often at great

personal risk, and are great examples of what God can do in “hopeless” and

“impossible” environments. We are honored that you have joined us to become an integral part of what God is doing all over the world!


Current GLOBAL mission works sponsored by 

The Flow Foundation

mohi plumbing 2.jpg

The Plumbing School in the Marthare Valley Slum in Nairobi, Kenya: A Great Example of God at Work!

The Marthare Valley Slum is home to between 600,000 and 1 million people living in less than one and a half square miles. On a visit, The FLOW learned that the leaders of MOHI had been praying for a plumbing school! This was a perfect fit for The FLOW! in 2018, in partnership with the Kenyan organization Missions of Hope International (MOHI), The FLOW initiated a flagship work, and created a plumbing school in MOHI’s vocational training school. As is true in many majority world countries, clean and dependable water is scarce, and open sewers are typical, which contributes to health concerns and the spread of disease. In the plumbing school, students are taught about the living water of Jesus, while also learning plumbing skills so they can support their families and make a difference in their community. To help begin the plumbing school, Inspiration Plumbing sent four of their best plumbers to spend a week with the original 18 students, provided training for the local teacher, and provided tools and resources. Each of these students were assured jobs upon graduation. This reality changes lives and provides hope in a “hopeless” environment! While the students’ lives were changed, the lives of the plumbers were also changed. This is a great example of God at work!

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.30.45 PM.png

Varazdin Church of Christ, Croatia: Mladen Dominick

Twenty-four years ago, Mladen Dominick, his wife Renata, and their children started a church in Varazdin, Croatia. As the pulpit minister he has many responsibilities!  He preaches, holds bible studies, creates video messages for local TV stations, and writes a column in the local newspaper. Through his various ministries, such as summer camps, non-believers learn about Jesus!

South America: Unreached
People Groups

The FLOW supports five teams of South American mission workers who are ministering to one of ninety-four Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in South America.  No further details can be provided to maintain the safety of these courageous Jesus followers.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.27.36 PM.png

East Africa: Clean Water in Two of the Three Most Dangerous Countries in the World

God has opened doors and made opportunities for Christians to provide clean and safe physical water for living, and to provide the spiritual living water of Jesus in some of the darkest regions on the planet.

In 2018, The Flow learned of a ministry in an East African country where it is so dangerous to be a Christian it cannot be named. We recently began supporting another team in a country in the same region, In order to share the love and mercy of Jesus, resourceful Christians have invented a compact water purification system that can purify 40,000 gallons of water a day in order to meet the needs of these communities. The reality is that seven out of ten citizens have no access to clean, safe water in this region. The FLOW is excited to support two of five African teams who is engaging in this important work of helping communities with a desperate need, while also sharing the living water of Jesus to meet their deepest need. God has blessed this work through these courageous missionaries, and many have been brought to Jesus.

Above is a picture of the M100 the amazing water purifying filter that will bring 40,000 gallons of clean and safe water a day to villages in this East African country (one of the three most dangerous in the world).

East Africa.jpg
mediterranean rim refugees.jpg

Mediterranean Rim/ Muslim Refugees:
69 Movements in 12 Years

“There were only five movements of Muslims to Christianity prior to the 20th century. But in just the first 12 years of the 21st century, we can document 69 movements of Muslims to faith and baptism in Christ Jesus. Several of these contemporary movements number in the tens of thousands.” - David Garrison, Church Historian

From our inception, The Flow has felt called to support Muslim refugees and to be a witness about Jesus’ grace, mercy, and love. We currently partner with  U.S. and local mission workers in Thessaloniki, Greece. These missionaries are developing relationships with Muslim refugees who have flocked to Greece to escape unimaginable situations. As only God can, He is working through them to support individuals and families, and to draw people to Him. These new disciples often travel to Europe for employment, and are being developed and mentored to be disciple-makers in their new homes.

In addition to the work in Greece, we support effective disciple-makers from Latin America (began a movement establishing 19,000 churches) for new missions in North Africa.

Croatia for Christ.jpg

Croatia For Christ: Direct Access to God’s Word Opens Hearts

Through James Nored’s work, hearts are being opened to Jesus in the country of Croatia. Croatia is a country of 4 million people where 4,000 of those people claim a relationship with Jesus that is not founded in Catholicism. Croatia For Christ is a long-standing Christian mission work dedicated to bringing the message of Jesus to this previously war-torn and historically Catholic country. Since utilizing James Nored’s Story of Redemption Videos, Croatia For Christ is receiving 50 to 70 responses a month from individuals seeking to know more about Jesus. The Flow provides financial support to insure that each responder is contacted and personal relationships are formed. Due to the efforts of Croatia for Christ, 120,000 childrens’ Bibles have been distributed to every public elementary school in Croatia. Praise God for the opportunity for families to have direct access to God’s Word.

Elmer Palacio: Cebu, Philippines:
Healthy Marriages & Healthy Parenting

Elmer Palacio is a highly educated native of the Philippines who is well-known and respected in his community. While his two Ph.D. degrees qualify him for different vocations, he has dedicated his life to be a minister and missionary to the area of Cebu, Philippines (the second largest city in the Philippines.) Elmer’s home church is in Babag on the outskirts of Cebu. The church is deeply invested in evangelism and sponsors a preschool for young children. He and his wife Ruby work together to support healthy marriages and to provide training for parents so they can raise Godly families. Elmer and his wife Ruby are deeply committed parents with caring hearts for all children. They have five sons (one currently in ministry the another training to become a minister), and are also caring for four other children whose parents were unable to provide care. The FLOW is a proud of partner with the Palacio’s in their desire to make disciples in the Philippines.

Elmer Palacio, We Care.jpg
New Christian with Farsi Bible.jpg

Eastern European Missions (EEM): God’s Word to Thirsty Hearts

The Flow Foundation supports EEM to provide a copy of the Bible in Farsi to one thousand Muslim refugees so they may have the tangible, readable will of God.  Since 2014, EEM has provided Bibles in Farsi for refugees leaving the Middle East. Over 1 million refugees have passed through Eastern and Central Europe seeking a new life. Many have fled as victims of terrorism, persecution, and impossible life circumstances. Christian missionaries have greeted the refugees on this difficult journey and have provided care and comfort—which is opening their hearts to Jesus.  Missionaries have stated their need for Bibles, and EEM and The FLOW have worked together to meet that need!

Young Cho, North Korea

Young Cho, an American Korean, was serving a thriving local church as lead pastor in the suburbs of Seattle when God led him and his family through a series of events that called Young into the new adventure of global mission, specifically to take the gospel to the people of North Korea.  Each year thousands of North Koreans risk their lives to escape poverty, political and economic oppression and become refugees in China, South Korea, and Russia.  A US Congressional report states that 80% of the female refugees have been trafficked in the Chinese black market for sex industries.  He has developed a strategic plan to meet the needs of the suffering, and The Flow Foundation and Young Cho have an amazing opportunity to bring hope to the hopeless!

Discipleship training with North Korean
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.35.55 PM.png

Living Deeds, India: Sonia and

Vijay Madiki

In an area occupied by Untouchables (the lower caste community), Sonia and Vijay have dedicated their hearts and resources to caring for families and sharing the good news of Jesus. Early in their twenty-three-year ministry they tutored students who did not typically have access to education and provided meals to those who were unable to find work.  These efforts have protected children from being sold into prostitution or being sold as child laborers.  They started a church in their town, and their evangelistic efforts grew as they created the Rural Preachers Network, which now has 350 rural and tribal churches. In 2005 they initiated women’s empowerment programs through SWAN ministries, providing skills training for needy and deserving women and young girls, enabling them to be financially stable and to provide for their families.

Something More: A Mission to Young Adults in Zagreb, Croatia

Something More is a mission effort focused on teens and young adults in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Something More is the intentional outgrowth of the summer youth work that a local church in Zagreb has been engaged in over the past decade. Due to this church’s work, over 130 teens and young adults have shown a desire to connect with Christians and to learn more about Jesus. Something More will build on this “summer work” foundation and expand it to a year-round effort.

The leadership of Something More includes a dedicated U.S. missionary, Steve Taliaferro who has called Zagreb home for the past decade, and a Croatian couple Mateja and Igor Vugrek.  Steve has spent his entire adult life sharing Jesus’ love and message with young people in the U.S and abroad.  Mateja and Igor feel called to spend their married life sharing Jesus.  Something More promises to reach Croatian teens with Jesus through the timeless practice of building trust by investing time in meaningful ways to share the love of Jesus.

Igor studying scripture with a student.j
Steve and Mateja with teens.jpg
james nored.jpg

James Nored, Next Generation for Christ: Expanding Video to Reach the World

James Nored (Doctor of Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary) serves as the Executive Director for Next Generation for Christ and the author and producer of the Story of Redemption and Story of Redemption Film Series. James professionally produced Story of Redemption videos are now being used in Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Israel, India and soon will be used in a number of other countries. Hid videos are being used a teaching tool to open hearts to Jesus. The FLOW supports the expansion of his video ministry.


Current DOMESTIC mission works sponsored by 

The Flow Foundation

Alan McCormick Couer: d’Alene, Idaho: Reaching Students and Young Professionals at Age 60

Alan McCormick has a gift for evangelism. At the age of 60 he is passionate about sharing Jesus and developing leaders among the unchurched and works closely with college aged individuals and young professionals. In his work, Alan employs many of the tenants of the Disciple Making Movement that is having great success in global missions. Currently the work in Couer D’Alene has grown from two house churches to four. Alan meets regularly with non-Christians to share Jesus in relevant ways. Also, Alan spends time developing Christian leaders with North Idaho’s chapter of Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Alan McCormick1.jpg

Carissa Basuini: Uprising Bronx

In an area known for gang-related struggles, Uprising is a grassroots community-based youth initiative which exists in West Bronx to assist in the holistic development of young adults by providing opportunities, mentoring, and activities that inspire healthy views of self-worth, identity, and potential. This includes, but is not limited to homework assistance, trips throughout the city, hosting events for the community, offering a safe space for hang-outs, hosting bible studies and skills workshops. They created an in-house recording studio that is run by the youth. The young adults of Uprising actively work together in their communities to foster and grow the values they desire such as peace, safety, and hope. Through empowerment and their focus on leadership development, youth have been able to initiate community projects and gatherings to build up their neighborhood and serve others, as well.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.08.42 PM.png
Teens and Mentors at Crossways.jpg

CrossWays: Developing Missionaries for the Future

The CrossWays Christian Youth Leadership Experience has blessed the lives of 400 students since it began four years ago. Launched with the support of the Lilly Endowment and Pepperdine University, this project is guiding high school sophomores and juniors through a process of discerning and discovering their spiritual calling in God’s mission. The Flow Foundation works with the leadership of CrossWays to develop, enable and train young adult Christians in current mission best practices by connecting them to effective, passionate and experienced missionaries from around the globe.  Our goal is to develop the mission leaders of tomorrow! Through the support of Team Expansion, the selected young adults may participate in three days of intensive training at the Team Expansion Louisville, KY campus, and are accompanied by a seasoned mission worker to a safe and meaningful mission experience.


Learn more about CrossWays here:

Paul and Barbara Wert: From the Federal Government to an Orphanage

After a lifetime of work with the Federal government, Paul and his wife Barbara decided to become missionaries to the Dominican Republic. The Werts led short-term mission teams to the Dominican Republic with their church, and after retirement, made a two-year commitment to the DR. In an amazing way, two years turned into more than five! The Werts continue to oversee the work of an orphanage in the Domician Republic and also work with The Flow Foundation in ministering to other missionaries in the field.

Paul and Barbara Wert 1.jpg
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