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Our Story

If you long to be involved with missions but need help to know where best to invest your resources, The Flow exists for you.

If you want to be connected with mission works where God is dynamically at work, transforming people’s lives, The Flow exists for you.

If you want to know for sure that you are connecting with God’s Great Commission when you invest your time and resources, The Flow exists for you.

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Prepared for a Greater Purpose

In 2002, Dan and Angie Rude were called to begin their own plumbing company, Inspiration Plumbing. They dedicated their company to God and wanted to use it for His glory.


Their mission was to help people by providing opportunities to those who may need a second chance, to provide jobs for those in the community, and to donate services to those in need.


The endeavor began with hard work and long hours, with Dan, Angie, and their son working late into the night. While born from struggle, God blessed their company generously and was preparing them for an even greater purpose.

Necessary for Life

Dan and Angie understand, in a practical way, that water is necessary for life, and that we all depend on the consistent flow of water In our homes and businesses. On a deeper level, they believe that God has called every Christian to allow Jesus’ “living water” to flow through us.


This “living water” is necessary for eternal life. It is salvation, love, hope, joy and peace. It flows through Jesus Christ into all who thirst and come to him to be filled.

A Deeper Investment

In 2017, Dan and Angie felt God calling them to invest more deeply into domestic and world missions. As a response. they started The Flow, A Living Water Foundation for the purpose of sharing the living water of salvation through the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Dan and Angie want The Flow to play an integral role in ensuring that each person on the globe hears the good news of Jesus in order to fill their spiritually thirsty souls. To God’s glory, The Flow is supporting the messengers of the good news in the United States and across the globe financially, with spiritual mentoring, and with love and encouragement.

We will continue – until the whole world hears!

Join Life’s Greatest Calling

We invite you to join with The Flow in life’s greatest calling: Sharing Jesus with others who do not yet know Him.

Give the gift of connection! 

Give in honor of a loved one. 

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