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Meet the Zorns

Jessica and Brandon Zorn (pictured here with their two children) have lived and shared Jesus with the people of Lodz, Poland for the past seven years. During that time, they have worked with many co-workers and local Christians to proclaim Jesus’ love, grace and forgiveness with the people of Lodz.

Poland is a country and culture with minimal connection to and openness to Jesus. During the past seven years of work, Brandon and Jessica have spent their lives sowing, planting and watering the seed of Jesus’ truth with hundreds of people. During that time the Zorns witnessed seven people commit their lives to Jesus and be baptized. Last month two adult women gave their lives to Jesus, and in May, eleven people have committed their lives to Jesus are to be baptized!

In Zooming with the Zorns this week (pardon the alliteration!), Brandon shared with me, “I have been praying since 2009 for God to bring an awakening to Poland. And now He has! It’s amazing that we are here to witness it and be a part of it.”

The Flow Foundation is excited to provide resources for the Zorns and their important ministry to the people of Lodz, which now includes Ukrainian refugees. The Zorns are looking for additional funding for the work they feel called by God to be doing. If you feel God calling you to be a part of the awakening in Poland, please pray and give. 100% of your donation to The Flow is given to the mission works you designate.




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