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CrossWays Students and Mission Mentors

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

CrossWays is a transformational nine-day experience at Pepperdine University for high school students in the summer after their sophomore and junior years. The goal of CrossWays is to enrich students' lives both spiritually and academically to develop strong Christian leaders. The students are encouraged to love and live like Jesus in order to serve and lead as He did.

Due to Covid-19, CrossWays was limited to 50 students this year. Of these 50, six students felt God calling them to learn more about mission work. The Flow Foundation partnered with CrossWays to fund a mission trip for each student, and more importantly, we provided a mission mentor for each student. During the final four months of 2020, mission mentors met one-on-one with each student and shared their personal experiences of seeing God's transforming power to make disciples in mission fields around the world. These mission mentors have served God in Croatia, Kenya, Thailand, China, Russia, and the U.S. Pacific northwest.

The CrossWays participants now plan on experiencing real world missions in the summer of 2021.If the pandemic allows, one student hopes to travel to Africa, another to Asia, others to Europe and to Central America.

Please keep these six student missionaries in your prayers. Pray that God will make His call clear on their hearts and lives, and that He will use them this summer to share Jesus with people that God places in their paths.

And… pray for CrossWays 2021! Ask God to end the pandemic so that 100 students can meet and have this enriching spiritual experience. Pray that God will place the call on the hearts of these students to learn more about Christian missions. And finally, pray that together with The Flow Foundation, CrossWays can provide mentoring and resources for these students who feel led into the world of domestic and global missions.



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