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#2 God@Work

News from Cebu and Croatia

Covid-19 is in an intense second wave in Cebu, Philippines. Cases are mounting daily, and hospitals are nearing capacity with patients who are seriously ill. With heightened restrictions, food and necessities are scarce. Yet God is at work. Elmer Palacio, and the church in the village suburb of Babag, are doing all they can to feed each other in a safe way.

Recently, with funds provided by generous donors, church members purchased a disinfectant machine.While typically used in hospitals, the ability to disinfect homes in their communities helps stem the tide of the virus.Homes in this region are small, with many family members living in one space, which prevents social distancing.

Also, Christians are growing fruit and vegetables to give to away to their community.They have planted okra, ginger, lemon grass, papaya, chili, bananas, cassava, other melons, and lemon trees. They are also raising chickens and turkeys for eggs and poultry.

Update from Croatia

I mentioned last week that a spiritual retreat was being held at a beach city in Croatia. God worked His transforming power during that event. Miso, who turns 65 this month, committed his life to Jesus and as was baptized by Varazdin minister , Mladen Dominic.

Praise God

Thank you for your continued interest and support of The Flow which allows Jesus’ love and truth to be shared throughout the world.



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