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Find Passion and Purpose Beyond Your Everyday Christian Walk

Be 100% sure you are making a difference. 

Connect with missions and see God’s power at work in people’s lives.


Purpose & Passion

Experience renewed purpose and passion as a FLOW partner.



Experience a meaningful sense of belonging as a member of the vibrant FLOW missions community.



Know you're making a difference by staying connected with what is happening in mission works through ongoing updates.


"I am grateful to be connected with the FLOW Foundation. It's been an amazing experience to be so connected with God's work in people's lives all over the world."

October 10, 2019

Dr. Dan Bouchelle

MRN President

How It Works



Click the GIVE Button and 100% of your donation will directly support mission works.

Go Team


Receive ongoing communication, resources, support, and prayer as a FLOW partner and a member of a vibrant missions community.

Travel Polaroids


Experience renewed passion, purpose, and meaningful connection as a FLOW community member and partner.

We understand you want to give but you don’t know where to start.

That’s why The FLOW dedicates itself to making deep, personal connections with mission works where God is dynamically at work.

1. We talk to our missionaries through monthly video calls.

2. We make in-person visits with our missionaries a top priority.

3. We connect you with what is happening through ongoing updates.

Don't miss our latest article on making disciples!

Are You Doing These 5 Things to Make Disciples? 

Give the gift of connection! 

Give in honor of a loved one. 

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