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Going into all the world …

I continue to be humbled and inspired by the creative work of mission workers who share the story of Jesus with others. James Nored travels the world to share the message of Jesus. During his travels, James finds fascinating places that God has created to serve as backdrops to his Story of Redemption Films. Below is a link to a 101 second video. In this video James shares both his process behind this gospel storytelling and his thanks to people, like you, who help make this disciple making work possible.

Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland:

While you are on the website, take another few minutes to watch and be inspired by God’s Story of Redemption films that are helping to make disciples around the world.

Thank you for you continued prayers and financial gifts that allow The Flow Foundation to support works like the Story of Redemption films. Without you we cannot span the gap between God's calling and resources that are needed to make these missions a reality. By donating, you are responding to God's call to your heart!

God’s grace and guidance,


PS - Please keep The Flow Foundation Board in your prayers. The Flow Board will be meeting this weekend to pray over financial requests and to decide which mission works with whom we will partner in 2022. We want to align ourselves with God's priorities and to support missions where it is evident that God is already at work.


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