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Crossing Jordan...And Beyond

As you are reading this, Harper, Joshua, Ella Grace, Camdin, Gavin and Lincoln are in Jordan shadowing and learning how mission workers share Jesus in real world environments! The Flow, in partnership with the Crossways/Go-C program of Pepperdine University, provided $2,500 as partial support for each of these students. These high school students applied, interviewed, and were chosen to participate in this unique experience that goes beyond the more typical short-term mission service project. Their preparation for this trip began in January with monthly cohort meetings that included sessions with overseas missionaries, prayer partners, and mentors. Their mission overseas experience began as they flew to Louisville, Kentucky for three days of mission training at Team Expansion Headquarters. (For more information about Team Expansion go to After their training, they boarded a flight to the country of Jordan and were chaperoned by a Team Expansion member. While in Jordan these six students will live, eat, and breathe the mission experience. They will shadow and watch missionaries in the field. These six students also hope to have the opportunity to share their faith with Jordanian citizens.

So, how did this all begin?

Four years ago, The Flow Foundation became financial supporters of a nine-day event called

on the Malibu Campus of Pepperdine University.

One-hundred high school students from around the nation attended this conference during the last week of July. CrossWays is dedicated to the spiritual formation and growth of high school students. Developed and directed by Jeff Walling and a team of Pepperdine staff, the students are lead through a series of activities and exercises that enable them to develop a deeper connection to Jesus, to one another, and to themselves and what God wants for their lives.

What caused The Flow to want to be invested in CrossWays? The program’s leadership commitment to engaging students with domestic and global missions!

Here is what Jeff Walling says about the mission emphasis of CrossWays:

Since the genesis of CrossWays one of the questions we sought to address is how we best engage our students beyond the nine-day event. The launch of the Global Outreach Connection (GO-C) awards has been a partial response to that desire. This project invites students to “Go See” what God might be calling them to in their futures. It also builds connections with other mission minded students. They continue to be connected to one another and the program through zoom gatherings and emails. Our partnership with Team Expansion allows GO-C students to travel together, in cohorts, for their mission experience training and in-the-field learning time. We are confident that the lasting impressions and connections made will greatly increase the benefit and growth they receive from being a CrossWazer and will enrich their walk with Christ. This has already excited and inspired more of our students to consider a call to mission work and better envision themselves in that ministry.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Pepperdine for their commitment to helping teens enrich their faith through CrossWays, and specifically for the GO-C mission opportunity. I also want to thank Harper, Joshua, Ella Grace, Camdin, Gavin, and Lincoln for using part of their summer break to go and experience how God is working in other parts of the world. I especially want to thank these six students’ parents and families for encouraging them to take part in this amazing experience. Thanks again to Team Expansion for their willingness to train the students to more effectively witness for Jesus and for providing faith-enriching and empowering mission experiences. And finally, I want to thank you, as donors and prayer partners of The Flow for making this GO-C Jordan mission experience possible.

Let’s together pray for these six students and ask God to help them experience something more than they could “ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)


REMEMBER! 100 percent of your donation is used for great experiences like the mission trip to Jordan. Your donation can help change history! Please click on this link so we can sponsor more GO-C students in the future.


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