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North Korean Christians Share Jesus

Young preaching to U. S. Korean Churches sharing

the challenges of reaching North Korean Refugees

Young Cho has dedicated his life to reach North Korean refugees with the hope, love and salvation of Jesus. However, Young realizes that this enormous task is too large for him alone.

Following the advice of Paul gives to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2:

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.

Read below about Young’s strategy for developing leaders, and learn about the deep commitment of North Korean refugees to share Jesus’ way, truth and life with their own people:

“On a weekly basis, I have three small online gatherings that I am leading via Zoom. One of them is a group of North Korean defectors, and I just want to share with you how impressed I was at our last meeting by the participants' zeal to learn. One zoomed in from a hospital as he had been hospitalized for a week by then after a car-accident. Yet he was fully ready with the finished assignment from the prior week. Another had a daughter in need of urgent care due to eye problem and as he was waiting in the lobby he also joined despite the circumstantial challenge. Another one was in need of finding a new place to live after getting a vacancy notice from the landlord. Yet, he chose to join the meeting. Others in the group also have different life challenges but with enthusiasm join in every week, ready to learn and grow. These brothers are giving their best so that they will be prepared to reach the fellow oppressed lost people in North Korea who are in need of a desperate salvation in every sense.”

Though living through unimaginably challenging circumstances, these Christians, having experienced the life that Jesus gives, are doing everything they can to follow the truth and guidance of the Holy Spirit as they share the good news of Jesus with other North Korean defectors. They are in desperate need of a new spiritual country - the eternal country that God has prepared for all who put their faith and trust in Jesus.

Please pray for Young and for these unnamed, but deeply dedicated Christian servants, who are living at risk as they learn how to best share Jesus with those have yet to find Him.

As always thank you for your generosity that allows Young and other mission workers to give their full time effort to share Jesus with others who have yet to discover His truth, grace and love.



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