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Humble and Courageous Disciples

The Flow is humbled and honored to help support Young Cho, a missionary who shares Jesus with North Korean defectors who live in Russia, China, Thailand, and South Korea. There are currently more than 200,000 North Korean defectors who live in these countries. Young Cho has seized the opportunity of this challenging situation and current reality for the cause of Christ.

Global media has made most of us are aware of the unbelievable hardships that face North Korean citizens. Because of the intensity of these hardships, tens of thousands of people and their families risk their lives to leave their country and flee to another with hope for a better life. For example, a journey might be from North Korea through China to Thailand.

In Thailand, they go to the authorities and are placed in detainment where they apply for asylum in South Korea. From there, if asylum is granted, they are flown to South Korea, where they are placed in an orientation program for three months. South Korea extends citizenship to North Koreans. From this example, we can get a glimpse of how dire the situation is and what great lengths people will go to for escape.

There are Christians in Russia and China that put themselves and their families at risk by helping these North Korean defectors on their journey to freedom in South Korea. Christian missionaries are often the first people to meet the defectors. The journey through China and Thailand to South Korea is long and dangerous. Along the way, these travelers will find lodging in homes of Christians who share food and the story of Jesus. All along the way, from Russia or China to Thailand and then to South Korea, Christians share their meager resources, and more importantly the story of Jesus’ love and the spiritual freedom that He offers. They do so at great risk.

Young Cho encourages and develops Christians in Russia and China who are helping the defectors. “Guides” help the North Koreans cross the border, and secret meeting places for the Christians and defectors are identified. From there, the defectors are taken to the homes of Christians. Their houses are a fraction of the size of American homes. An additional risk is Covid 19, related to many people living in a small space. Keeping the defectors in their homes puts the Christians in jeopardy with the government, yet they count it a joy to share Jesus’ love and truth with others. Many North Koreans become disciples of Jesus through the love and courage of these Christians.

When the defectors arrive in South Korea, they need to find a Christian community. Young is currently working with Christian leaders in South Korea to establish churches that specifically target the cultural, spiritual, and physical needs of these new disciples.

Here is how you can help. You can pray for Young and other Christians in Russia, China, Thailand, and South Korea to have the boldness and courage to continue to risk their own safety to share Jesus with North Koreans. You can pray for the defectors that their hearts will be open, not just to physical freedom, but also the eternal freedom that is only found in Jesus. Please pray for the formation of new churches. And finally, you can give. It takes money, roughly $5000 USD per person (guides and legal fees), to to help one North Korean safely travel hundreds of miles across different countries to find a new life in South Korea. The FLOW guarantee is that 100% of your donation to this great ministry will go directly to help share Jesus with these people.



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