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Hope in the midst of hopelessness...

Mediterranean Rim refugee camp

The FLOW sponsors several mission works that focus on serving refugees in the Mediterranean Rim. Such amazing things are happening that we KNOW that only God's power could make it happen!

From a southern Mediterranean Rim mission worker…

“Last night, there was a baptism ceremony of 6 Yemenis in a secluded place. It was a powerful experience of witnessing these former Muslims giving their lives to the Lord, professing Jesus as their true God.

Also, the other day, I was among worshippers praising God amid unthinkable situations. Many were handicapped people.

We had a wonderful report from the Middle East about the work of DBS (Discovery Bible Study) groups in the middle east: Currently there are total of 26,000 DBS groups going in the area, that's 390,000 people. 80% are Muslims. 60% in the group accepted Jesus Christ… Last year alone, there are 98,000 new believers.”

From a northern Mediterranean Rim mission worker…

“We hosted another Disciple Making Movement training. This time it was with 11 Iranians and Afghans. They learned to host discovery Bible studies and spent time praying together and for each other. We also baptized 5.”

From a southwest Med Rim worker…

“As of last Thursday, the three teams committed to making disciples in North Africa have applied for visas. Please pray for a quick and smooth processing of their visas. “

From the Bronx, New York

Sunday evening 6 G0-C high school students (Crossways program, Pepperdine University) listened with rapt attention as Carissa, a Mission Catalyst in the Bronx, shared story after story of how God is transforming both lives and culture in her gang-controlled neighborhood in the Bronx.

How can you help?

Two things:

1. Pray

All the above works have been covered by thousands of hours of prayer. Every significant disciple making movement throughout history has begun the same way: With dedicated Christians praying.

I can testify that throughout this traumatic two-year pandemic I have learned that Paul prayed in Ephesians 3:20 has become a reality:

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

God continues to show His love and transforming power in our world.

2. Give

As this year ends, if God has blessed you with surplus, join us and invest in eternity! Give generously, and even sacrificially, to places and people who God is using to bring about His love, grace, mercy, and glory.

God’s grace and guidance,



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