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Helping Those Left Behind

Worsening conflict in northern Afghanistan has forced thousands of people to flee their homes and live in temporary camps.

Just weeks ago, the country of Afghanistan experienced a great upheaval, leaving many in dire need. Recognizing this, Christians around the world were moved by the numbers of Afghans who were left without the ability to care for their families’ basic needs.

The Flow is blessed to work in partnership with the mission organization, Team Expansion. As the needs of the Afghan people became known, Team Expansion began to pray and plan on how to help meet those needs.

Doug Lucas of Team Expansion shared what has happened:

…on August 19, as our entire team did a day of prayer and fasting, a church called and asked if we had “anything in the works” that might allow them to help the vulnerable being left behind after the massive evacuations being carried out by coalition forces and others. By that time, internally displaced people (IDPs) had gathered in over 50 different camps of Afghans, sleeping out under trees, with no food, no water, and no hope.

By end of the day on the 20th, through known friends and workers with years of experience full-time in-country, God had raised up an entire network of dozens of Afghan believers and volunteers capable of using overland solutions and local/public transportation options to carry bags of rice, flour, cooking oil, beans, tea, sugar, salt, and blankets to those who otherwise have no recourse. None of this depended on airlifts and big trucks.

Today, it is already at work, helping the hundreds of people make it through the long days and dark nights. Over 100,000 people are already at risk — with hundreds more pouring in every day.

But God is faithful, and so are His people. In a matter of just a handful of days, dozens and dozens of people have stepped up to the plate. In fact, as of this update, they’ve sacrificially given over $46,000 to help with a massive response in the name of Jesus.

This moment is up to Afghanistan — we realize they have to make the most of it. But it has been so encouraging to see the global church respond with aid and support…

Four takeaways from this God-directed work of grace and mercy:

1 God answers prayer

2 God is using Christians here to share His love and grace through Christians elsewhere

3 You can make an impact by praying and giving

4 Always trust that God hears your prayers and multiplies your giving.



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