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#1 God@Work

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Tampa, Florida - Jared Looney

The Flow Foundation begins a supporting role this month in the ministry of Jared Looney of Tampa, Florida. Jared, his wife Hylma, and their daughter Adalia, live in Tampa which is one of the nation’s most international cities.

Jared is the founder and director of Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI) ( After 14 years of doing mission work in the Bronx, New York, Jared and his family moved to Tampa, Florida in 2016. Tampa is an up-and-coming major international city. GCMI’s efforts are designed to share Jesus with people in the major cities of the world. For the first time in human history, the majority of people on earth live in cities. Many of these people are internationals, and GCMI finds dedicated mission catalysts to live in these major cities and share Jesus in culturally informed ways to transplants.

Jared is dedicating much of his time now to praying and working for God to connect him with people (mostly internationals) who are searching for spiritual truth so he can help introduce them to Jesus and eternal life.

Jared on a prayer walk in Tampa

What Jared is doing is the reason the Flow Foundation exists: to support disciples who are making disciples who in turn make disciples.

Crikvenica, Croatia

This week on the coastal town of Crikvenica, 75 people from Croatia, Serbia and Albania met to learn about God’s eternal will and plan for their lives. Thirty of these people are currently searching for God’s truth. That means that 40 percent of the people gathered at the retreat are not Christians. What a reason to rejoice!

In a largely secular country that is still dealing with Covid-19 restrictions, a gathering of this size, for this reason, is remarkable. James Nored of the Next Generation for Christ mission organization taught God’s will and grace in large group sessions throughout the 5-day retreat. But where the real “action” took place was during organized smaller discussion groups and in private conversations. During these more intimate discussions, God’s truth came alive. Continued studies were scheduled, and several spoke of their desire to learn more about baptism.

I would ask that you pray that God will bring about eternal changes in the lives of all those who attended this retreat.

Supporting God’s work

The Flow Foundation gladly accepts your donations and promises that 100 percent of whatever you donate will go directly to mission work. You will notice a link to PayPal on our landing page and we hope you will consider using it for your gifts. So you will know, 98 percent our donations to The Flow Foundation are given by direct deposit and personal checks. To learn more about how to give contact me at



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