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Future Missionaries Now!

The Flow Foundation is proud to co-sponsor CrossWays: A Christian Youth Leadership Experience, at Pepperdine University. CrossWays is a nine-day, intense spiritual growth retreat for 100 rising high school juniors and seniors, hosted on Pepperdine’s Malibu Campus.

This past year, six CrossWays participants indicated a desire to become more invested in world missions. The Flow Foundation stepped in to connect with these students in two ways. First, to partner each of them with a missionary mentor who has served or is currently serving in mission work. These missionary mentors helped provide insight from real world experience and to share spiritual realities of life on the mission field. Second, The Flow provided $2,000 scholarships for each of these six students to fund mission trips that will take place during the summer of 2021.

Here are the names of the students and the places they will serve in mission works this summer:

Abbie P – Anchorage, Alaska - June 15-29 with CRU

Chloe K - Atlanta, GA July 4-11 with Urban Ministries 12 Stone

Molly S - Ensenada, Mexico, July 7-15. with City of Children/North Blvd C of C

Emma E - Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 23-Aug 2

Ava C - Chicago, IL, July 11-16 with Urban Plunge with Christ for the City

Jack M - His trip overseas was recently canceled due to the pandemic. Jack is currently looking for a mission work to join.

Please pray for these six faithful students to courageously share the Way, Truth and Life of Jesus with the people they will serve this summer.

CrossWays 2021 will take place on Pepperdine’s Campus this July 23-31. Pray that God will continue to raise up future missionaries!



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