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Champs Camp and Crossways Are ON!

With Covid-19 restrictions lifted, teen events in Croatia and California will be taking place this summer. Mission workers are hopeful that these gatherings will have a great impact on teens! Many have been looking for answers, and seeking to find a life purpose during this past year of isolation and questioning.

This next week in Zagreb, Croatia, Something More Ministry will be hosting Champs Camp for pre-teens. Champs Camp will be led by Something More team leaders Igor, Mateja and Steve. Seventeen teens who formerly attended Champs Camp will assist in running the camp. Igor, Mateja and Steve will be hosting a spiritual retreat to help prepare them to serve as “buddies” and “mentors” to the campers. It is their hope that both the retreat and the week of Champs Camp will speak into the lives of both pre-teens and teens. The Flow Foundation helps provide funding that makes Champs Camp possible.

On July 23-31 Pepperdine University will again host CrossWays. (Crossways was held virtually during the pandemic). This coming July, 100 rising high school juniors and seniors from across the U.S. will meet on the Pepperdine campus for the specific purpose of discovering and more fully understanding God’s call and purpose for their lives. The Flow Foundation works with CrossWays to help provide mentoring and mission trip funds for students who feel called to mission work.

One of the joys of my life during the pandemic was spending time each month with the leaders of Something More and CrossWays. The creativity and commitment to share Jesus with teens by Mateja, Igor, and Steve of Something More and Julia Trias, Zach Luben and Jeff Walling of CrossWays, has been inspirational. Facing daunting restrictions and lack of personal contact with teens, these leaders found inventive ways to stay connected to the students and to continue to build new relationships. These men and woman have the rare ability to connect with teens living in today’s world. These servants feel that God has called, trained and positioned them to share Jesus with young people who are making decisions that will shape the rest of their lives here and for eternity.

Pray for Champs Camp and CrossWays to be a time and place where teens can see the way, truth and life of Jesus and embrace Him.



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